Overseas Natural ingredients

The quality and purity of essential oils is paramount and directly co-related to customer satisfaction. Essential oil production and quality are integrated with the physiology of the whole plant. The ability to impact health and well-being as well as therapeutic effectiveness is directly dependent on the quality and purity of the essential oil used. We, Overseas Natural Ingredients Corp., believe in the ultimate improvement of health and wellbeing. Taking this under consideration, we source the finest and pure essential oils by relying on the expertise of botanists, chemists, and wellness practitioners. Botanical materials are carefully selected for their natural concentrations of active aromatic compounds at the innovation center of Overseas Natural Ingredients Corp.

How We Work

Plants, like all living things, are influenced by the conditions in which they are grown. However, aromatic plants that are used to produce essential oils are more sensitive to the conditions. The chemical composition of the essential oils produced in the plants, which determine their fragrance is affected by various factors such as conditions, climate, soil type, extraction method, storage method, and organic environment. During the selection of our range of essential oils for aromatherapy, we do not accept essential oils adulterated with synthetic chemicals even though they may smell acceptable to those who are unaware. We, as a customer-centric company, focus on all the essential factors to choose, extract, manufacture, and provide high-quality, organic essential oils only. We ensure that no herbicide or pesticide is used and the production method is entirely organic.

Our Mission

“Quality is not an act, it’s a habit” For us, quality is the root cause of a happy customer. We ensure the therapeutic quality and purity of essential oils and carrier oil through a stringent Quality Assurance Program (QAP) and rigorous testing procedure.

Technology in Overseas Natural Ingredients Corp.

At Overseas Natural Ingredients Corporation , we strive to supply the purest and the best quality of essential oils and Carrier Oils to leading brands across the world. To ensure this, we have deployed certain technologies like and techniques GC/MS analysis under the QAP and testing procedure.

GC/MS (Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) Analysis

Gas Chromatography involves passing the vaporized essential oil through a long column. This separates individual columns of the oil, based on their chemical properties and molecular weight. As the components exit the column, they are tested to determine the composition. The components further undergo Mass Spectrometry, wherein they are passed through different magnetic fields after being ionized. This helps analyze the amount of each component, helping determine further insights into the constituency.